About Bangladesh Institute of Health Sciences (BIHS)

Bangladesh Diabetic Somity (BADAS) has gained international reputation for its diabetes health care model termed as Ibrahim Model. It has also emerged as a major general health care provider all over Bangladesh. BADAS is contributing, to a large extent, in both undergraduate and postgraduate manpower development in Bangladesh through formal and informal educational and training programs. Its widely known institute BIRDEM is now offering 14 Postgraduate Courses/Diplomas in basic to clinical disciplines and it has also become a leading research institute in biomedical sciences with recognition by WHO as the Regional Collaborating Center on Research in the Prevention and Control of Diabetes. Ibrahim Medical College (IMC), attached to BIRDEM Hospital, has already emerged as a leading college in the country for providing graduate medical education.

The efforts of BADAS have recently made a quantum jump through the initiation of a large scale project for general health care delivery (the Health Care Development Project, HCDP) supported by the Govt of Bangladesh, Dutch Govt and a Consortium of local Banks. Through this project a network of 20 hospitals and Health centers is under the process of implementation in and around Dhaka as well as in northern parts of Bangladesh upto the Upazilla level.

Bangladesh Institute of Health Sciences (BIHS) is the Apex Institute of HCDP which has its associated hospital named as BIHS Hospital. The objective of BIHS is to create a Model Educational Institute encompassing all disciplines of biomedical and health sciences. Presently 5 major divisions have been planned namely a) Division of Basic Sciences, b) Division of Clinical Sciences, c) Division of Public Health, d) Division of Allied Health Sciences, and e) Division of Nursing.

BIHS is run by a Governing Body formed under the rules and regulations of the University of Dhaka.

Journey Starts with Public Health :

The journey of BIHS for developing postgraduate health manpower is starting with its MPhil and MPH programs in Public Health. This is in recognition of the great need of qualified and trained manpower in this area all over the world. At the start courses had continued in Epidemiology & Biostatistics, Community Nutrition, Health Education & Health Promotion and Noncommunicable Disease (NCD). In near future courses will also be opened in others disciplines like Reproductive & Child Health, Preventive & Social Medicine, Community Ophthalmology and Community Dentistry.

BIHS Offers Some Unique Opportunities:

Degrees to be given by University of Dhaka which is widely recognized all over the world. The second Institute in Bangladesh to offer MPhil Courses in any Public Health discipline. MPH Courses dedicated to individual disciplines in this area. Availability of large number of primary to tertiary health care facilities of the Bangladesh Diabetic Association, spread all over the country which gives unparalleled opportunity of exposure to community level health problems (a vital requirement of effective public health education). Intensive and research based programs having possibility of collaborative studies with advanced institutes of the world particularly with the University of Oslo. Credit hours of both MPhil and MPH programs compatible with European Universities. Courses open to medical as well as non medical graduates. Scholarship/Stipends available to provide partial support to the students.